Written by Bruce Peck and Natalia Girling

So you’re planning on building an app? Maybe you’ve got a genius idea, but maybe you’ve never actually gone through the process of creating software before and perhaps it seems like a daunting process. Using the design process, you can find out whether or not your potential users will love or hate your idea before you ever have the first line of code written.

Design is a silent art that is rarely consciously observed but underpins all of the built world.

Think about it, painted lines on the road, your toddler’s iPad, the…

So you have a great app idea… but can it be a real business?

The reality is that without thoroughly vetting and planning your app idea, you’re likely to make a lot of preventable mistakes (see our article #1 Mistake People Make With Their First App.)

That’s why we’ve created this guide to help give you an overview of what it takes to ensure your app idea is viable.

Welcome to the 5-Step Guide to Turning Your App Idea into a Viable Business.

Step 1. Determine What Benefits Your App Will Provide.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised how many people forget that apps need to add…

So… You have a brilliant app idea that you are ecstatic about. You can’t go to sleep at night because you have too many incredible visions of the future rushing through your head. Your spouse is getting sick of hearing your endless recitations of how cool it will be once your vision is given to the world and you’re ready to begin executing.

You begin asking people what they want in the app. …

First question: Should you build an app?

Almost every week I have someone come up to me and say, “I have an idea for an app, what is the first step?” And my answer is always the same, “Quit.” If they don’t take that advice, then they may actually be the kind of people who can oversee the making of an app correctly.

You see building an app for the first time as a non-technical person can be a massive challenge. …

Why create a push notification strategy?

So your app is live (and if that’s not true check out this article), but you’re trying to increase how often people use the app. Push notifications are a powerful tool to re-engage your users and bring value to them, yet they are often underestimated and underutilized.

When done right they can dramatically increase your user engagement, when done wrong they can annoy the heck out of your users. In this article, we will discuss how to systematically send push notifications that are timely, valuable and that will enhance both your user's life and your bottom line.

The power of push notifications: A case study

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