A Start-To-Finish Guide To Designing Your App

  1. Research and empathize
  2. Defining the Problem
  3. Ideate and project scope
  4. Develop and build Model
  5. User testing
  6. Iterate

Defining the Problem

Once you’ve done your research it’s time to define exactly what problem you solve and who you are solving it for. The value proposition and user persona do just that.

  • Business executives
  • People out on the town
  • Travelers coming from an airport
  • Workers who need to commute to the office each morning
  • Etc.

Ideate and project scope

Once we have a clear idea of the goal of the app (value proposition), who it’s for (user persona), why it’s needed (research) the next step is to decide what we’re going to build. With Approachable Geek this is usually when we’ll have the client hop onto a video call with us and we’ll pull up a web whiteboard and just brainstorm freely on what needs to be built.

Build a Model

The visual representation of a user interface is called a UX wireframe. It is a draft of the visual architecture of your app and determines how your users will interact with your product.

User testing

To understand why you should perform user testing with your product, you must first understand what user testing is. With purposeful scripts and questions, a user tester can gather data and insights into the product as a whole or just a portion of it.

  • What do you see on the screen?
  • What do you think this is for?
  • What information do you find is most valuable?
  • Are pictures or text more important for you?



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